Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sitting in my living room munching sun ripened cranberries, in awe that so quickly the all too familiar piles of rolled clothes have made their debut. It is packing time again. Delicately placed, awaiting suitcases, are indicative that the ritual has officially commenced. Oh man.... :)

Being my last day in Durango for the next year, I am trying to soak in the minutiae that makes home...well, home! My eastern facing window, the sun that it captures, the creaks of morning coffee quests, and the brush of mountain wind against ponderosas. Its appears that the concept of leaving itself has the power to bring fourth the most desirable details about home and tactfully mask those that are not. Leaving always places a layer of golden glaze on things....and it is here that I sit this morning.

BUT on to business: I feel like it is appropriate to make a list of goals for the next two weeks (mainly for my own self direction). Country hopping is not always sensitive to keeping a clear mind. So....the the question is: what is it I want to get out of it all (it'd be silly to waste so much money, minutes and time with family for a useless endeavor)?

And so she responded:

1. A larger sense of place. Europe is a portion of the world far from explored for me. So by simply stepping foot in foreign dirt, I hope to gain a more cohesive perspective of the world we inhabit (sounds like a college entry essay doesn't it? Gross, but true).

2. Develop more appreciation for Western society. I've done a pretty darn good job at allowing myself to love the U.S. despite its flaws this summer, and I hope to put aside my post-colonial theory packed head and extract the beauty of the western world. I hope to go to some museums, galleries, and typically "western" monuments and respect them.

3. Dabble in flexibility. Not having a plan. Doin' the Tao thaaang.

4. Be strong. Traveling alone is something I am not a stranger to. But this trip will be a little bit different than any kind of travelling I've done before. There is no one on the other side, no Rotary hand to hold, no familiar face to dabble with between stopping points. Myself is all I've really got this time....and yes, that is a wee scary. But I know I can do it. I can be an intelligent, unwavering, savvy woman, it just going to take a little bit of guts and street smarts.

5. Improve my navigational skills. The little engine said" You CAN read maps, Kelly. You can do it!"...hahaha. Yeah.

6. Not be so dang afraid of flying. I'll be on a plane just about the same amount of time I'll be sleeping the next 14 days...so deal with it with grace. :)

7. Eat good food. End of story.

8. A bit of time alone. :) Although I love being around people (and view it absurdly necessary for basic happiness) it is important to me to go into quasi-self-directed-hermitage once in a while. I think after the bike trip and being bombarded by the (wonderful, yes) amount of familial ties, I am ready for some singularity.

9. Live in the moment. Easy to say, shockingly difficult to execute.

10. Have a few existential crises or so. Hopefully talk to a few people, see a few things, feel some feelings that will make me rethink. I am worried I feel too confident in what I believe in, which is never healthy, you should always be on the edge a bit. So a little bit of throwing me for a loop would be very much appreciated. kthxs.

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  1. Kelly, Can I tell you something....

    You would not be lost 99% of the time if you had an iPhone.

    Just think about it:p