Friday, August 28, 2009

Howdy from a Venetian window overlooking the Grand Canal. Today was my last day in this incredible country, and I am feeling a bit nostalgic (yet unspeakably excited for the Spain adventures to come).

This blog is not going to be as profound or lengthy as I'd hope, considering I am totally, incredibly, terribly, wonderfully, yet definitely, without a doubt, exhausted (how's that for an unnecessary string of adjectives!). I leave at 6:00 tomorrow morning...and I bought a tacky big blue alarm clock from the Jewish Ghetto this afternoon just to be sure not to relive the unfortunate mishap that occurred in Brussels.

Yesterday I spent most of my time wandering around aimlessly, in my ferocious attempt to step foot on every narrow passage way in Venice (knowing quite realistically it was impossible). But, with some sore feet, I did manage to make it to all 6 sectors of the island. It was totally worth it. The shimmering blue canals, white bridges, and freckled water ways reflecting pastel buildings are all eye candy you can never get sick of. I also decided to wake up at sunrise and watch the golden rays slowly make their way across the canal near my hostel while enjoying a pistachio cookie and a fresh apple from a street vendor. Luckily waking up this early allowed me to get some serious exploration out of the way and in line for San Marcos Basilica before the mobs of other sweaty tourists arrived. I think I was like the 5th person inside or something ridiculous like that, letting me not only swiftly get in and out of the cue, but take my time in peace once in the church. I have never seen so many gold paintings in my life. What an incredible place! Mankind truly is exceptional.

Afterward I bought a 4 Euro ticket to go to the top of the old clock tower near the church, which just so happens has the best view of both he ocean and the city. It was breath taking. I sat up there talking to strangers in the window for a good hour and a half. I couldn't stop imagining Shakespearean clad gents and ladies strolling the square and ships with big sails coming in from sea. Marco Polo and The Merchant in Venice have been playing imaginary scenes in my mind as well. :)

The rest of the day consisted of aimless wandering (which is the might seem mundane, yet in Venice, it is truly a treat), gelato munching on piers, dangling my feet in the water while sipping peach wine, strolling the Mercado Rilato, and being sketched by a random Spaniard on a bridge. hahaha. I could get used to this life!

Today was my "get yourself educated" day, resulting in some serious museum goings and comings. I woke up early again, made friends with the fruit vendors, who ended up giving me free apples and a glass bead necklace, and getting on the nearest boat to the Island Murano off the coast. Murano is famous for its glass blowing, a market that dominates much of shops in Venice, so I went to the Glass Museum there. I really never knew how complicated and exquisite the art of glass blwing could be. It was SO interesting to see how glass was 1. blown, 2. evolved over time periods, and 3. the cultural and societal ties. It was nice, because on the boat over I met a girl from Uruguay and we ended up becoming friends and wandering the museum together giggling geekishly in and out of the different rooms and then wandering the island. We stumbled upon a glass blowing demonstration and snuck into a few factories to get the real hands on view of the process. I really enjoyed having a friend/someone to talk to more than a few momentary exchanges of words. (One of my major qualms with Venice is how lonely it can be when you're not madly in love. is hard to be in the most romantic places in the entire world by yourself, witnessing the most beautiful sunset you've ever seen, by yourself, and being surrounded by happy couples, by yourself. Did I mention I was by myself?. Haha. So the point is: it was nice to have a friend. Although it still doesn't remedy the love problem. :)

The rest of today I spent getting lost in the Gallerie dell'Accademia, being totally floored by the insanity of some of the paintings. I love art. Like really. HUMANS ARE AN IMPRESSIVE SPECIES! Maybe I look at things too evolutionary, but the things we have produced are profound.

Anyways, just got back from roaming the streets one last time, photographing flowers, and standing on the Bridge of Rialto during the sunset and now...I am off to sleep before yet another long day of travel.

See you in Espana!

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  1. question: how do you just make friends with some random fruit vendors in a language you don't speak to such an extent that they regale you with beaded necklaces! You are one amazing gal