Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hello Loves.

The bike trip is sadly, yet officially, over. VIOLA! I am back in Durango, rejoicing in the amenities of stationary life, getting ready to leave again in 5 days to travel Europe before school starts in England (despite my pocket book's extreme objection). The past week Paul has been visiting Lucy and I from Missouri, working on the Trek's documentary/camping/mountain biking/hiking. It is nice being home for a bit, relishing in mountains, family, and the comfort of being in a familiar place. ....but also weird knowing it is a temporary visit, not much different than a couple nights stay in a town along the route. I am really thrown for a loop digesting what "home" actually means. Where are you to lay roots when the sand is in a constant flux? I've settled with rooting internally and walking where I go with a strong sense of place, no matter the what places are traversed. :) Hopefully this state of mind will suffice. There is very little in this world, according the accumulated tidbits of so called wisdom I am yet to collect, that is more potent than personal strength.

The Europe Game Plan:

1. Durango to Denver
2. Denver to Dublin (3 nights in Ireland)
3. Dublin to Brussels (3 nights in Belgium)
4. Brussels to Venice (4 nights in Italy)
5. Venice to Madrid (4 nights in Spain)
6. Madrid to London (2 nights in England)
7. London to Brighton (4 months at the University of Sussex)

I am not going to lie: its hard to say goodbye, again. But I know it is all a growing process. The further I go, the more I learn, the more humbled I become by how much there is to learn. Hopefully this experience will catalyze the growing process, in attempt to make myself a better person. I like to think that is where I'm headed at least. :)

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