Saturday, April 7, 2012

In-Sight Project

Hello hello all!
I write this in haste as I am busily packing up my bags and all earthly things to head to the hills for a month of meditation. After that, I will be given several lectures here and there for 4 days and THEN I COME HOME! Overjoyed and incredibly sad are both major themes in my life at the moment. I'll have to write a longer blog later to update you about the craziness that has been the last month. But the purpose of this blog is to introduce to you The in-Sight Project, a contemplative photography project I've been working on to balance out the equation of all that is too scientific. The website will eventually have another page where the hand painted glass pieces will be displayed (which are all currently occupying the floor space of my entire living room in varying stages of completion). Once those are finished I will be sure to post them as well. But for the time being, here is a little blurb about the project's intent, history, and background, and most beautifully of all, the photographs 15 wonderful Buddhist monks, nuns and meditators took over their week long contemplation over the question "How do you see compassion?" I have never designed a website before, let alone am even remotely technologically savvy, so I am pretty proud that this thing even exists. PLEASE send me feedback and also, joint he interactive part of the site under SHARE.
Love to all, and chances are the next time I will write will be from American soil....


Click on the link below to see the site:

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