Thursday, March 8, 2012

p.s. A Dream

In light of my last post I'd like to share a dream a friend of mine, a long time meditator and Buddhist

scholar, had about my research project and science's current approach towards meditation. She was

kind enough to let me share it with you all here:

“On a beautifully set table sits a lovely, creamy cheese pie with fresh spinach and leeks in a flaky crust. The pie was made with wholesome available ingredients and baked with great care. It is as yet uncut. Some crumbs are scattered on the floor under the table. Some hungry ants have found the crumbs and are taking great pains to carry them back to their ant community. A kid with a magnifying glass sees the ants and studies them. He scoops up some ants with their crumbs and puts them in an ant farm. From what he observes, he draws a number of conclusions which he reports on at school. He describes the crumbs; he never gets to see, let alone believe in, the pie on the table. The captive ants know nothing about his research. The kid gets his degree with honors, writes some books, and makes popular talks.“

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