Thursday, June 11, 2009

Welp, it is finally here: tomorrow is the big day. Lucy and I will be leaving not-so-bright-and-early (due to temporary tube problems) for the famed city of Pueblo, Co (famed being used rather loosely in this account). Leave it to us to wait until the very last day possible to even begin packing. Knowing Lucy and I, however, it would actually be surprising if it was any other way. :) But I think, or at least pray, that we've got everything we need: stuffed panniers, a trailer, gobs of balance bars and a jar of half eaten peanut butter. What else does a girl need?

It is a strange feeling, packing. Something that is all too familiar, it has now gained a kind of ceremonial feel in my mind. But I approach the task delicately. Condensing the things I own into a few stray bags, lining out my life to embrace the future tenaciously looming ahead. I must admit, it is little bit bitter sweet, but at the time, refreshing. Packing to me more than anything else is a signifier of leaving, and as a product heart ache, yet there is always a little grain of relief hidden in its folds. Maybe it is strange I find sanctity in tenderly rolling up t-shirts and slipping them into their places, but the feeling always hits. It's exciting to think what they'll see and how far they'll accompany me.

I suppose I should enjoy my last few hours of cleanliness and comfort. I must admit though, there is something intriguing about the prospect of perma-dirt..... but we'll see how I feel about that issue come 6 weeks without showering. :) Those of you in Durango,I will miss you all a tremendous amount. The rest of you, I probably already miss, but you are in my thoughts as usual. I guess there is no turning back now..... on a one way track to D.C. TALLY HO!

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