Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Farms and Hippy Cognitions

Three cheers from Scott City, Kansas! Just rolled in after an excruciatingly hot (but ridiculously fun) day. This was actually our first cloud free ride, and I am amazed how much the plains can heat up. The majority of the ride today was road sandwiched in between massive, GMO wheat and corn farms (surprise surprise), accompanied by low flying pesticides planes. If anything shocked me the most, it was the sheer amount of chemical being dropped from the tail end. Tons and tons of synthetic spray, I am amazed that the crops have even enough oxygen to grow. The other part of the ride was dominated by fields of mass producing beef and dairy farms, with cows stacked in between fences like match sticks. There were a few moments as we were stopping along the road I really wanted to pull a "hippy saves animals from zoo" moment. It is so sad that animals, living sentient beings, are being treated like they are already packaged artificial cuts. :( Two big poos on the treatment of animals and the farming conditions of the U.S.

Conclusion: there is sanity in organic foods. I just might be a permanent convert.

Last night we stayed in an incredible park at the end of town, brimming the edges of a vast seascape of grasses. The neat thing about this area is you can virtually see forever. So as the sun set, we watched a massive thunder head pulsating pink against the blackened sky from a fence post. There is certainly something to be said about the humbling power of nature.

Today also marked Kelly's second "I am being a distracted spazz" crash, luckily only cutting up the same knee that was gashed before. I think I may be lopsided to the left or something. :) Either way, it was worth the smancy dance moves that preceded it. I've discovered a new passion: disco via bike seat. Hot stuff.

Anyways...Internet is about to run out, and I am pretty sure my stench is scaring the innocent Amish girl to my right. Besos from no man's land.

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