Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hello Loved ones!
Again I find myself in the midst of total neglect of blogging. I am so sorry for that. It is difficult to balance all that occurs, with increasing procrastination due to already a considerable amount of homework and the realization I am already faaaaar behind in updating. So, once again, this will be only a pithy brushing over of events (also since I have to be on a plane to Switzerland in a few hours, time is of the essence). :)

Since I last wrote, my archaeology class has swept me up and spat me out all over different sites throughout England. Ranging from a fire at an ancient Iron Age round house farm, to a pear garden of a Roman Palace caked with ancient mosaics, to a Medieval Castle’s dungeon with poisonous spores lining the walls, to the location of the Battle of Hastings and the remains of the holy hermitage of Battle Abbey built by William the Conqueror. It has been a whirlwind of history, up close and personal digging of culture, and me being totally flabbergasted at basically every given moment.
This tends to be the trend here in England: we go somewhere and Kelly becomes flabbergasted. Even walking around Brighton, a city of tiny nooks and crannies and a never ending supply of quirky people, I find myself obnoxiously fulfilled by the going ons. It also happens very frequently when I get tired of the nonstop lifestyle of working hard and going out, and venture alone into the quietude of the South Downs, located approximately 45 seconds away from my dorm room. I love the nature here. The hills are tranquil, the forests pacifying, and the views humbling. I’ve figured out a point where not only a bright purple flower bush grows on top of a hill, but where I can also see the entire University of Sussex campus, the hubbub of the town of Brighton and sweet, silver line of the ocean beyond. It is perfection, in my opinion.

Also, since I last blogged my day of birth (i.e. birthday) has come and past. I thought that it would be somewhat anti-climatic to turn 21 for three reasons 1. in a country I am already legal to drink in, 2. the mere fact alcohol consumption is not very relevant or important to me, and 3. I generally have a massive distaste anything birthday related (if anyone should be celebrated it should be the mother). Despite these facts, however, this birthday has proved to be one the best. I woke up to hot tea, organic honey, a spoon, and a hand drawn card that said “Congratulations to your mother for having a great child” as a product of my birthday ranting in front of my door and several letters from friends and family in my mailbox from home. My friends also made me a bunch of chocolate cupcakes that spelled out “Happy 21st Birthday Kelly!” bought me a big pink flower plant and a bottle of champagne. In order to celebrate we had a pre-birthday party of the cupcakes and champagne before going out. My one rule, however, which might be surprising to some since it was my 21st birthday, was no getting drunk allowed. I don’t like the stereotype you have to get wasted on your 21st, personally I wanted to remember it. Consequently we all went out to the only Mexican restaurant in Brighton, were served some seriously delicious enchiladas, and went out to a cute little pub with Indian d├ęcor. Besides being a perfectly chill getting together of friends (with a side of a philosophical discussion of Malawian educational systems) this birthday was also the most multi-cultural one I could even conceive of. We represented all major continents except Australia and sang Happy Birthday in a total of 7 languages. There were people from The United States, Canada, England, Brazil, Switzerland, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and Malawi, most of which had never had Mexican food (which was served by an Iranian man from California). It was classic.

Today I leave for 9 days in Switzerland to visit my friend Silvana’s home in Zurich and then explore the Swiss Alps a bit. I am very excited not only to be travelling with someone else for once (what a novel idea!) but to also see mountains (sigh). It is fortunate too, because Silvana’s grandma owns a series of hotels in the mountains, meaning free accommodation. When we come back school will officially commence. I am beyond excited, in the most geeky way possible. I am taking: The Biopsychology of Learning and Memory, Brain and Behavior, and the Biology and Evolution of Language Lateralization. *nerd snort*
I am so thankful for everything in my life—sometimes I am overwhelmed by how much goodness is out there in the universe. And other times I fear that it will all just dry up someday. But for the time being, I rest in the tenderness of it all with a big bundle of gratitude.
Love you all and see you after the Swiss.

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  1. I hear you on not wanting people to get drunk at your party! My own 21st birthday fell on the last day of Daylight Savings Time, so I told my friends we were going to set the clocks back during the party and try to live the previous hour over again in as much detail as possible, as a party game. Not as much fun as it sounded; only one guest could remember clearly what had happened, and he continued to repeat himself long after the rest of us had given up. Anyhow, happy birthday, and I'm glad to hear things are going so well!!!